Where is Your Mommy?

abdl adult baby diaper lover mommy milf phone sex taboo fetish role play And just where do you think you are waddling off to in that sagging adult baby diaper? This abdl mommy knows better than to let you wander off like that, no matter how badly you want to try and avoid getting that diaper changed. As if the way you are walking didn’t give it away enough, the smell could knock a skunk off of his feet! Peeyew! Where is your mother? Why isn’t she keeping an eye on you? It seems to me that you need someone to make sure that you are taken care of and kept out of trouble. Lucky for you that I came along! You might have gotten a nasty diaper rash if not! Come here and take my hand. We are getting you back to the nursery right this minute. Up onto the changing table you go, off with that stinky, messy diaper. Mommy is here now.




Come meet the phone sex mommies!

abdl adult baby diaper lover phone sex mommy milf taboo fetish role play