You Dirty Baby

phonesexLook at you playing your poopy diaper. It is kind of cute I must admit.  You are covered head to toe in poop. I am going to just let you sit in it since you like to play in it so much. Now your  Abdl mommy is going to go run your bathwater and add some bubbles. Now let’s get you undressed and take put your cute butt in the tub.  Once you’re in the tub I take the washcloth and lather it up with soap really well and then take it and wash your back and your shoulders, then I work my way down to your tummy and peepee, legs and feet.  Now time for your hair, and face. Look how clean you are.  Now we can get you dressed and you can play with all of your toys while mommy gets ready for your surprise outing. Call me for some Abdl phone Sex!
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