Diaper Shopping With Mommy!


There is Nothing better then when my adult baby wakes up for the day. Today is a special day! Wanna know why! It’s diaper shopping day! Yay!  If you’re good I might even throw in a toy or two! Now let’s get your diaper changed. So I am going to lay you down on the changing table and slide down your Rhumba Plastic Panties and then undo the tape of the diaper. Then we are going to fold it down and lift up your sweet legs, afterwards I am going to take a wipe and gently wipe your little clitty, then your bottom. Then I am going to apply some diaper cream and some baby powder! Place the  new diaper right underneath your bottom. Now which outfit to put on you the pink dress with the kitty? Or how about the purple one with the crown? Purple one it is! Now its shopping time! Let’s get you in the car and all strapped in. Once we get to the store there are soo many kinds of diapers! Pampers! Luvs! Huggies! We can grab them all call me for some Abdl Phone Sex !



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