An Extra Special Abdl Punishment

Mommy Brenda told me about something that is so good that I wish I’d heard about it years ago.  There is a very special cream called capsaicin that when applied to a bare bottom can be a very painful experience for any naughty abdl or sissy baby.  It’s supposed to be used as a muscle relaxer but the skin on a baby bottom’s is so sensitive that the capsaicin makes it feels like it’s on fire, just as if that baby had just got a severe spanking from their mommy! It doesn’t even take much, just a healthy dab smeared across each cheek is more than enough to have anyone regretting whatever they did to get to that point! It hurts enough just by itself, but if you add even a light paddling to go along with it becomes so much worse. You know the best way to avoid that? Be a good baby! Call me for some abdl phonesex so you can assure me that you absolutely have been a good baby.



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