Baby’s naughty playdate

My adult baby needs a playdate. He’s a sweet boy and he needs friends. He needs to be able to relate to other big boys and I need a safe place for me to able to change his diapers. He goes through so many and I know that there have to be other mommies out there who deal with the same thing. How cute would it be if I were able to get 6 or 7 hairy, big babies and have a play date? We could have cupcakes, punch and snacks. There would be plenty of changing tables and I would dress it up as a large adult nursery and playroom. All of the babies’ favorite diapers would be there, and I would have so many soft, luxurious wet wipes to clean all of the poopy butts. The mommies and me would make such a mess powdering all of the bottoms and making sure they didn’t get diaper rash. It would be a fun time!



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