Just Like Jenna Part 1


Abdl Girl Jenna smiles at you as she opens up your wet diaper. “It was EVER so nice of you to volunteer to wear diapers like this just because I do!” She says.  “It wasn’t a choice!” you growl back. You’ve known Jenna was diapered ever since you were both young teenagers. You always wanted to tease her a little about it, but held back from being too mean. However, she always told you, payback is a bitch. So, she tricked you this time, and got your mother thinking you were voluntarily asking to be put back in diapers like she was. You didn’t think it would matter, since you are technically an adult, until your mother pulled the, “As long as you live under my roof…” card. So now, here you are in your first wet  Adult diaper, your visiting cousin changing you.  “It’s just so funny, though. Here I am all on my own, no parents to decide what I can or can’t do. And here is my little baby cousin – who always teased me about diapers – caught in the web and having his Mommy and babysitter cousin decide everything!”  Despite being mad about this, you also can’t help staring at your firm, beautiful cousin’s lower half. She has not even put on pants or a skirt, and is walking around in just a diaper. She never would have done that on previous visits. On some level, this insults you …. but on another level, you are excited and you are showing it.  “Oh dear!” Jenna puts her hand to her mouth as she giggles. Call me for some Diaper Phone Sex!


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