Brenda’s Diapered Sissy Boy!

What are you doing in my closet, my cute little phone sex abdl?  Are you trying on Mommy’s slips and dresses again?  Goodness, you even have on some of my prettiest heels!  I know I should be upset about you going through my things, but you just look so cute!  Since this isn’t the first time, you must really like to wear girly things, don’t you? Then I think the best thing to do is to take you shopping!  I am going to get you so many beautiful things…dresses, petticoats, stockings, anklets, heels, and slippers and so much more!  You won’t be able to get out of those diapers though, so you will just have to be my very own diapered sissy boy!  I will even get you some extra stretchy rhumba panties to go over your thick diapers, and keep you in short dresses so that everyone can see!  Would you like to hear more about what I would do to you? Call me for some diaper sissy phone sex!



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