ABDL Diaper Change

Oh My! Mommy smells a poo poo, I think my ABDL baby made a surprise for mommy or a big mess. I walked over to my baby as he was playing in his room, I could smell him from the hallway before I walked in the room. As I walked in I noticed he was facing the wall with his back towards me and at that point I instantly knew he was up to no good. I leaned over and saw his hands in his dirty adult diaper. I shouted ” What are you doing ?!” and he turned is head and just smiled and was completly covered in poo poo.  I thought it it was so cute and dirty at the same time, I went to go pick him up and his whole diaper just fell off and all I saw was a little pee pee covered in stinky poo. My baby boy must have a bath with alot of bubbles, mommy needs to scrub all the poo off  and have him smelling like a sweet little guy. Mommy may need some help putting lotion on with his diaper and his oneies. Call Me for some ABDL Phone Sex and let mommy bath and clean you up.



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