Come Here Kita


My Sweet Adult Baby girl Kita. You Have been being too much of an adult here lately so mommy has decided that your next assignment is you  have to do 3 weeks of being little! What does this mean you  may ask? Well this means only Baby food for breakfast, lunch and dinner,  Must be using your Bambino bellissimo diapers and Plastic panties,  No using the toilet at all. 3 naps a day. Must ask mommy before going anywhere! I will be making you a chore list i expect to be done weekly! No exceptions! Also You have an earlier bedtime than normal! It will be 7 on the weekdays and 8 on weekends. Bath every night. No using adult cups, only bottles or sippy cups allowed. Last but not least absolutely no cummies! Just remember baby Kita you are mommy’s sweet little baby girl and you need to be reminded of this every so often. If you think this is you call me for some Abdl phone sex



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