Lovely Baby Nursery

adult-baby-nurseryLook at all of these sweet Adult babies that come into our nursery every day! I just love to play and play with them all day! Some love to be coddled. Some love to play, Some just want to run all around. But sometimes we have the naughty Diaper lovers that come in a need to be punished. That’s When I come into play! I take them over my knee and give them a nice over the knee for a bare bottom spanking to let them know who is in charge and doesn’t take their cute little attitudes even though I know sometimes it can be cute with them sitting in their soiled diapers. Maybe I will keep them in that diaper a little longer or maybe I won’t. Not all of them are bad some are very sweet in fact some just want to be breastfed and tickled. I love seeing all of their bright and smiling faces here at the nursery! Give me a call for some ABDL phone sex!
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