Diaper Boys for Mommy

abdl mommy phone sexNothing puts a smile on this loving ABDL mommy’s face like seeing a young man who is just getting into the beginning of adulthood… To me, these are not men ready to grow up and be adults. To me, they are quite the opposite. These are simply misguided and confused little boys who are ripe for the picking to become the best diaper sissies.. This being the case, I have found a wonderful way to remedy this unfortunate situation. I invite these young boys in for a cup of tea or some hot cocoa. Whatever it is that they like the most. We sit down and sip our drinks, talking a bit, until they seem to be open to nearly anything I ask or say! Lucky I happened to slip a little something into their drink beforehand.. There is no way that they will be able to resist what mommy has to offer now!




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