Babysitter Diaper Change

I walk over to your house after school .Your abdl-mommy answers the door. She notices my short plaid skirt uniform and she says, “Oh, are you Liz? Did the school finally send over that babysitter?” I verify her question and notice you crouching behind her being shy. “Hi little adult-baby. My names Liz and we’re going to have so much fun!” Your mother gives me all the babysitter details. I assure her everything will be fine and send her on her way. As soon as she leaves, you make a big messy in your diaper.  I pick you up and take you upstairs to your nursery and lay you on the changing table. I take out the baby wipes, babypowder and a soft, big, fluffy diaper. As soon as I wipe your weewee and bumbum with the baby wipe, I see you getting a boner. I decide to see what happens if I start to tickle and put my mouth on your little balls.



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abdl diaper