Dressing you up like the little girl you want to be


Doesn’t Sabrina‘s little sissy look so cute in that pink dress?  Looking humiliated like always when I dress him in all pink and take him to the park for all the other little kids to laugh at him.  Sabrina loves to see the humiliation on you face as you are being made fun of.  Watching her cuckold get all red in the face.  Why does my adult baby ask me to do this if it makes you so embarrassed? 

Being a submissive that knows if he doesn’t do as Sabrina tells him,  he will wined up in chastity for months.  Being a domme is so much fun when it comes to seeing you play out your desired fetishes.  Seeing you be embarrassed and loving it as the same time.  Dominating you into doing as I say has it’s perks.