Forced to Shrink Into My Little Baby!

I’m going to turn you into my own little sweet baby. You won’t know how, or when it will happen but I can guarantee for you that it will. You will shrink down slowly, probably not noticing at first until you start to think that I’m looking a little taller than usual. When you say something about it, I won’t be able to stop myself from teasing you, tugging on your clothes so you will see how much bigger they are on you! I’m going to watch smirking while you get smaller and smaller, until you are practically swimming in your clothes and I look like a huge giantess! When you’re down to itty bitty baby size you are going to be mine! Who would ever believe that tiny little thing was ever a man? No one! Are you ready to give up control? Go ahead and call me for age regression phonesex!



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