Just Like Mommy Pt 2

Danny had his hands on his favorite things- his dommy mommy’s panties! Pink and trimmed in ivory lace, it was one of the new pairs and extra feminine. When he rubbed the panties on his hard cock he noticed a strange piece of paper tucked into the crotch. He pulled it out while continuing to stroke the silky panties up and down his sissy girl parts. “Dear Danny” It read, “I hope you’re enjoying your little play time but it really is very naughty to leave your cummy messes in Mommy’s panties. Since you seem to be wearing them every chance you get anyway, I felt it might be time for your own sissy lingerie. You’re mommy’s sissy slut now and this is the first step in your sissy training.” His sissy clitty couldn’t hold back after reading that mommy knew his dirty girl secret, that he really was a big sissy baby and he came right in his panties!

Mommy Jackie


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