Hypnosis Potion for my Boyfriend


Last night I had such a crazy dream, I bought a hypnosis potion and used it on my boyfriend so I could make him my little diaper boy. It reacted instantly and as soon as he took the first gulp of water, he stood upĀ  and declared he would do anything for me! I made him kneel in between my legs and eat my pussy for hours. No complaining, just his tongue swirling around my clit and plunging into my pussy. After I was completely satisfied, I then made him massage my body for hours so I could be completely relaxed. I have been having so much fun with my new slave! I made him wear cute diapers and have been potty training my new ABDL baby. I’ve had a fetish for having a diaper baby slave, but my boyfriend has always been hesitant, this way there can be no arguments. I really love having my own diaper baby sex slave!




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