Shhh My Sweet Baby!


Come here my little Adult baby boy! We have had a long day of playing with your toys. It’s time now to take a nice warm bubble bath with mommy. I am going  to grab some towels and place them in the dry so they can be nice and warm for when we get out of the why don’t you stay right there and play a little while longer, your Abdl mommy will be right back. Good boy, now mommy is going to go run the bath water and to make sure I add a bunch of bubbles, because I know you love, love ,love bubbles hehe. Now let’s get you all nakey! And as we climb into the tub, you feel mommy’s soft skin and perky breast against your soft skin and you feel her pussy up against your lower back. You like that when mommy slides her hips up and down on you back don’t you ? “yes mommy.” He said I reach around and fell his wee-wee poking out of the water wow! Mommy’s sweet little boy is sure excited! Call me for some abdl phone sex!



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