Jenna Wants To Tease A Silly Abdl Boy! (part 4)

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(first part) Jenna watch Georgie suck on his pussy flavored pacifier with glee. “Aren’t you eager! Looks like you enjoy the taste more than a bit.  Too bad it won’t ever happen again!”, she said teasingly. He covered his face with hands, trying to cover and didn’t realize that she was reaching for him until her hands gripped him over his upper arm and his diapered bottom, pulling him over so that he was laying on his stomach.  He couldn’t stop a soft groan when his already hard peepee pressed into the mattress through his diaper.  It felt so good! His hips started moving and rocking before he even thought about it but froze when Jenna laughed at him. 

“I bet that when it’s time to change your diaper, it’s going to have more than a little cum in the front! I’m looking forward to teasing you about it.”, she said with a smirk.

She gave his diaper one last pat, and he tucked his head down, too embarrassed to watch while she walked out of his nursery. Worse part was that he knew that she was right! Are you just like poor Georgie? Call for humiliation phone sex.

Babysitter Jenna


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