Teasing A Silly Abdl! (part 2)

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(first part) Silly Johnny did try really hard to come, but nothing happened. Mommy Jackie and I keep trying to tell him to stop, he does this every time he calls to have some phone sex playtime, but he is as hard-headed as he is silly!  So he rocks his hips against the floor, pushing his dinky winky into his wet diaper, even though most of the time the only thing that happens is that he gets so frustrated that he can barely stand it. That tiny little thing between his legs will get hard, but that’s as far as it will go most of the time.  He humps the floor and we laugh at his diaper humiliation.  Everyone has a wonderful time! Tell me are you just as silly as Johnny? You should call for some Mommy phone sex to confess everything, so that you can be laughed exactly the way that you should!



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