Looking for that special someone?

Are you looking for that special phone sex Mommy who wants you for you? Someone who would enjoy teasing you about your sissy baby side. Someone who would get a kick out of watching you squirm in your thick adbl diapers and pretty dresses. The idea of blushing as your are teased about such things makes you have all kinds of butterflies in your tummy. You would really love to find your forever mommy to torment you. You are evolving, learning and finding yourself, sometimes it will be sexual, but it can also be a non-sexual relationship also.

You like some aspects of BDSM phone sex, pet play, and even some of the lesser known kinks. You enjoy cuddling, reading, and watching movies, and oh so much anime. If you can not tell already you are a total geek baby. Is this what you are looking for, it sounds like your fantasized. Give me a call.



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Mommy Candy