Mommies Humiliation

Do you have a fantasy that you dream about happening all the time and would love for one day to come true? You fantasize about visiting mommy when she is having a group of her friends over, this is over five or more women that she has brought to the party, but what you don’t know is mommy invited them  to help changing you into their phone sex adult baby.

You dream about being forced to strip naked, and being placed over mommy’s lap for a abdl spanking until your are red. Then the ladies take turns spanking my rump until you start speaking in baby babble. Carrying you onto a changing table, giving you a suppository then diapering you with a thick diaper that makes you waddle. Now it is time to play dress up with you, putting you in a dress, leggings, gloves and boots, along with a wig, bonnet and makeup to turn you into a baby girl.

The ladies start to laugh and giggle, calling you their little adult baby girl as you crawl on the floor. they each take turns holding and caring for me. The ladies decide when they are done playing, they place you  in a locked crib and agree to come back tomorrow for even more playtime. How many of you have these fantasies like this?



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