Diaper Domination Play

Now you are finally laying on the floor in your diaper, just like I wanted, with me towering over you. You watch as I lift up one of my sexy bare feet and press it to the front of your diaper, directly over your cock. Now, I thought that you were blushing out of embarrassment, but this hard dick underneath my foot tells me something else! Or is it both? Are you embarrassed over how excited you are to see my toes spread across the front of your diaper-covered crotch? Is your breath starting to sputter and gasp because I’m sliding my foot up and down your diaper, from the base all the way to the leaking tip of your cock? I’m going to stroke you like this until you cum moaning, until you soak the inside if the diaper with your jizz. I won’t be able to stop myself from laughing at just how pathetic you are! Want to read the first part of this fetish fantasy? Click here to find out how this started. Better yet, call me so I can tell you what else I might to do you.



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