Mommy Candy’s Sissy Baby


My favorite thing ever about little sissy babies is picking out cute little outfits for them to wear. I love opening my sissy wardrobe full of girly cute outfits for the sissy to wear. One of my favorites is a pink ruffle dress covered in lace and frills. The frillier and lacier, the better! Before putting the dress on I pad their hips, bottom and chest to give them a more feminine figure as well as outfitting them in sexy lingerie, just to make them feel more like a woman. Then, I take a nice long wig, and fit it on their head. I then sit them down at Mommy Candy’s makeup vanity, and slather their sissy face in cosmetics, covering their harsh masculine features and replacing them with delicate feminine traits. After my sissy boy has been all made up and beautiful, I love taking them out in public and watching how strangers look at them. This ABDL Mommy loves dressing up sissies!




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