Naughty Baby Cammie


Today my little baby Cammie called me for a hot ABDL phone sex spanking session. He had been so naughty and not cleaned his room when Mommy Candy told him he had to. I set him a thirty minute time limit, and he took much longer than that, so of course I had him call me for a live spanking session. I made him lie down over Mommy’s lap and massaged his little baby bottom to warm the skin up and then started smacking his little bottom as hard as I could. When there were only ten hits left, I made him count every single one and say “Thank you Mommy”, after every hit. As soon as I was done smacking his baby bottom, I gave him a nice diaper change. I started by laying him down, and taking off the stinky diaper, and tossing it in the bin. I then wiped up my ABDL boy’s dirty bottom, put on a fresh diaper and told him that Mommy Candy loves him. I’m so proud of my baby Cammie for taking his punishment like a champion!




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