Mommy’s Diaper Dungeon Pt 4

After seeing Jorge totally lose control during his abdl diaper change, Claudia knew she had truly regressed him into a helpless sissy baby who would submit to her every whim as a 24/7 diaper slave kept in his new nursery. He was still laying on his changing table, hard cock bulging in his pink princess diaper pants. She left him there and pulled out a pink adult baby onesie and a matching sissy baby girl bonnet. Baby Jorge took it all in, feeling hypnotized by his adult baby mommy and her seductive domination. Even though she had forced him into diapers, he felt now like she had been right all along, that he really was just a needy baby boy who would never be a real man. He felt a strange tickle in his diaper and realized he had soaked it without even knowing!


Mommy Jackie


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