Mommy’s Little Panty Sniffer

If there is one thing that all of the little adult baby cuties that I take care of should have learned by now, it is that this ABDL Mommy has eyes and ears everywhere! I always know what is going on under my roof, and more than that, I always know what my babies are up to, even when I am not in the same room as they are. Too many naughty ABDLs out there try their hardest to take advantage of any free moment they get in which their mommy is taking care of her other responsibilities around the house. During these times, those ruthless little ones like to look for any trouble they can get into! An apparent favorite of many of these precocious little scamps is to dig through mommy’s dirty laundry and sniff all of my panties! Those babies strip right down to their thick disposable diaper and stand in front of my nice big mirror and rub the front of their diaper, moaning and shoving their faces deep into the silky folds of my panties. I can hear them inhaling deeply and groaning as they rub their little peepees from outside of their diaper, hips rocking as they get hard for mommy. Knowing that they have no idea that I am watching them perform this erotic act only makes me more eager to watch the show continue. And maybe even sneak in just before baby makes cummies in that diaper to be able to watch in person!
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