Cock Cage for Naughty Baby

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Today my ABDL Baby was being naughty and made cummies without permission from Mommy Candy, he also touched his pee-pee without permission, Because my baby broke two big rules Mommy had to give baby a big punishment. Mommy had to go out and buy a chastity cage for her baby, so he couldn’t make cummies or touch his pee-pee without Mommys permission. Baby cried at first because he didn’t like the idea of a cock cage as punishment, but then he eventually came to terms with it. I put it on a week ago and it hasn’t been off for a second since. He’s so desprate to touch his pee-pee he says he’ll do anything for Mommy, but I think he just wants cummies. I’m not sure if I should take it off yet, maybe another week just to make absolutely sure the cock cage punishment has worked for my naughty ABDL.




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