Happy Baby Boy


Aww Aren’t you just the happiest Adult baby boy ever! So cute and so sweet! Laying there getting ready for his nap! I am soo glad I bought this monitor so I can keep an eye on him, and make sure he isn’t being bad like trying to get out of crib or anything like that. What’s this? He is sticking his hand down his Bambino’s diaper? OH this is.. Kinda hot. I think I am going to reach my hand into my tiny purple panties and rub my clit while watching him rub his pathetic excuse for a cock, which is why he is in diapers in the first place. Ohh he is getting faster with his hands. My legs start to tremble as my fingers get faster and faster,   oh god yes maybe we can cum at the same time. I know if he does decide to cum he will fill his diaper and I am going to make him sit in it, until his nap is over! Call me for some abdl phone sex.



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