Naughty Mommy Tawny

phonesexI have the cutest Adult baby boy! He always loves mommy’s naughty fun time! Especially during diaper changes, one of our favorite things to do is when I lay him down, I rub on his diaper enough to wear his wee-wee starts to get hard, and he starts to blush. That’s my favorite part hehe! Then I start to undo his Cushies diaper! Once I fold it down,  I take a wipe and wipe his wee-wee up and down very slowly. Slow enough to make him wiggle and giggle! I just love his little laughs! Then I take a wipe and wipe his bottom very well. I take that old diaper and throw it away, I slide the new diaper right underneath his bottom, I go to suck on my finger and then go into deep circles near his tight little asshole and just rub my finger around it while taking my other hand and running it along his balls! Wanna know what happens next? Call me for some Abdl phone sex!
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