Stinky Diaper Change

dan09 (2)

I walked into my little diaper baby’s room, and looked down at the little boy, sleeping, he had the face of an angel. I could already smell the stinky mess he’d made in his cute little diaper. He slowly rubbed his eyes and opened them sucking his baby blue pacifier. How could such an sweetheart make such a disgusting mess?

“Good morning baby, I see you made a big stinky mess,” I smiled down at him sweetly.

“Oh no…I’m sorry Mommy, please don’t punish me”, I could sense the fear in his voice.

“No no no baby, it’s not your fault, we’ll get you all cleaned up.”

I took him over to the changing table and lay my sweet little darling down. Unfastening his little diaper, I wrapped it up and tossed it in the bin. I powdered his little bum, and fastened on a new diaper.

“Now would my little sissy boy like to drink some of Mommy’s breast milk?”

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