Special Reward For A Special ABDL Boy!

Special little abdl boys like yourself need special attention and rewards for being a good baby, and don’t think I don’t know that! Since you’ve been very, very good for quite awhile now, I’m thinking that you need an extra special reward, and I have something in mind that will be wonderful for both of us. I’m going to put you in a super-crinkly diaper, and get down on all fours in front of you so you can get on your knees behind me to rub and press your diaper covered cock against my ass and pussy! All you have to do is hold my hips in your hands and hold me in place while you rock against me, pressing your hard throbbing cock against the soft diaper until you cum in them. Are you ready for a naughty diaper reward yourself? Just call me for some sexy mommy phonesex!



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