Staying In Diapers Part 1


Listen to mommy this is what is going to happen  my sweet adult baby is,  I am going to lock up all the bathroom in the house and you’re going to have to keep the diaper dry, and if you are able to keep it dry then you are a grown up and you are able to use the big boy toilet, but if it is not you are not allowed to use the toilet and will have to continue using diapers like the baby you are! Aw, shh don’t cry come here to mommy! Let mommy breastfeed you for comfort ok my sweet baby, I know you love your  Abdl’s mommy’s milk,  because mommy knows best! Also while I got you all occupied, I called your job and told them that you will no longer be coming in, and I hired you a babysitter to come over to watch you for when mommy is at work. You know the really cute one from down the street. Call me for some abdl  phone sex !



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