Wet Wittle Robbie

Robbie yawned in his abdl crib, stretching his chubby arms out to greet the day as he woke up! Uh-oh… He felt the familiar sensation of a leaking adult baby diaper underneath his cozy blue sleeper. Baby boy had just a little bit too much juice last night, it would seem! AB boy’s lip started to tremble, his unhappy cries bringing his caring AB mommy running to his side. She scooped him right up out of his wet bed and onto the cutesy changing table in his ageplay nursery. Like any good mommy, she was well prepared for her baby boy’s big mess and even had a bottle of milk all warm and ready for him! Nursing happily on his ba-ba, AB boy cooed as his mommy changed his soaked bottom, getting him all ready for a big day of playing.



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