Adult Baby Wetting Accident Part 3

After school is over and everyone laughed at you all day you come back to the house to find that mommy really did hire and Abdl Baby Sitter and much more to your embarrassment she is going to be taking care of you while be live on a webcam for the whole world to see, including your abdl mommy at work! The babysitter walks over and grabs the front of your diaper and feels around and said see why you belong in diapers just like a baby! Because this adult diaper is filled! So lay down and she procedes to change you and you start seeing some of the comments and they laughing at what a small pee-pee you have! And you’re so humiliated that you can feel tears going up into your eyes! Aww look the little baby is going to cry ! Hahahah how adorable here is a binky to suck on! Call me for some Humiliation Phone Sex!



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