Transformation Part 2

ab/dlThere little Baby Alyssa was sitting on the edge of the bed as I made a cute game of putting on her little white knee high stockings with such cute little ribbon on the back that I would tie into bows soon.  Once I had her stockings on I went and got the pink and white Adult Baby Dress and put it over her head and had her put her little baby arms in it and then smoothed it out.  We weren’t done getting her dressed just yet, since we still needed to take care of her hair.  I took and dumped out the bag of organza ribbons that Nanny Ella had had her purchase a while ago and we picked out three of them that would go great together.  A hot pink, a pastel pink, another shade of pink and we had them all chosen.  Next as she was sitting on the edge of the bed I fixed her hair so she would look like the cute princess she was.  When I got done she looked so adorable and the cutest Adult Baby Girl ever as I admired my work.  Something was missing though as I popped her My Little Pony Flutterfly Adult Baby Pacifier into her little mouth.  Perfect I exclaimed.  Now lay down Baby Alyssa, I told her.  Let’s get this wet diaper off you and change you into a nice dry one.  I gathered all the supplies I would need, the wet wipes, the baby lotion, baby powder, and of course Destin so my little baby princess wouldn’t get a rash.  I undid the tapes on both sides of the diaper as she lifted her little bottom up off the wet diaper.  Slowly she was transforming from a man and now Adult Baby Girl and getting littler and littler as we progressed.  Want me to regress and transform you?  Call me!Tawny
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