Broken Rules


Do You remember the rules that we went over sweet Kita? What was this about you making cummies without asking your Abdl mommy first?  Do you know what this means my naughty Adult baby girl ? Do we need to go over your list of rules again so you understand them better? No? Ok then I will skip to your punishment then ! First I  will give you 10  swats 5 by hand, and 5 by paddle. I want you to count out loud with every swat then I want you to stand in the corner for 15 mins and no less! Also I want you to do a writing assignment on why what you did was wrong and what your going to  do differently next time understand me.  Also I will  be administering an enema and I want you to hold it until you cannot anymore! So lets get you into crawl position spread your sweet butt-cheeks apart now I am sliding the nozzle inside and squeezing the liquid in.  So maybe next time you would think before stick your sweet hand in your diaper without asking mommy for permission first! So call me for Some Abdl Phone Sex



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