Shh My Baby Time For Bed

ABDL 5Come here my sweet Adult baby, we had such a long day!  We went to the park, the mall and got ice cream! Now, what do you think we should do tomorrow? Ohh I know what we can do, it is a surprise. Now mommy is going to to go throw a towel for you in the dryer, so it can be nice and warm for you when we get you out of the bubble bath. Mommy is going to go run the water and add the bubbles. Now come to mommy so I  can undress you and help you get in the tub. Now let’s get you all wet and soapy just to rinse you off! Now time to wash your hair! Yay! We are done now I am going to go grab your warm towel. Now dry off here and put on your pants and shirt. Make sure to brush your teeth and comb your hair!  You climb in bed your Abdl mommy is going to read you a bedtime story! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!
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