Dress Shopping With Mommy

sissy dressToday Little Sissy we are going pretty dress shopping. Let’s get you all dressed up and get your diaper changed, good little girl! Now let’s get your bag packed for our trip.  We have to make sure we pack enough cloth diapers, and liners, wipes, bottles, and we can’t forget food, and don’t forget your Abdl mommy is a breastfeeding mommy so I always have your milk with me, so whenever you get thirsty just let mommy know and I will give you a drink. Now let’s get you the car seat and strap you in. now we are pulling out of the driveway and driving down the road. We pull into the mall and no i get out your stroller and put you in it and now we are going inside the mall, and we see all of the very pretty store full of pretty pink dresses and toys. The first store we are going to is your favorite store and I want you to pick out all of your favorite dresses and call tell me for some Abdl Phone sex!
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