Little Girl Janey Got Babysat Sex Talk Part 2

So – she …. “borrowed” one. After she put him to bed one night, before leaving, she stuck one of his thick, printed  adult diapers into her bag. At home, she chickened out three times before putting it on. It was SOOOO strange, all that padding pushing her legs apart, making her walk funny, and making loud crinkling noises as she walked. But it was also cute, she had to admit, looking in the mirror. And it was really comfy. When she had to pee, she decided to try that as well, and was surprised as it felt like a tingling electric shock ran out into her diaper, and the warmth grew from between her legs to climb up the back of her diaper along her butt. That was definitely nice – it got her hot.  So then she started wondering about other things. Baby bottles? Baby food? She found a line of CUTE clothes online. And she wondered, what if she got someone to babysit her? When she babysat the adult baby boy next door, he said it was hard to find someone. She did NOT have the same problem! She joined a fetish group, and explained what she was looking for, and had dozens of responses from men. She soon found that most were not really serious, however. They lived too far away … they had a wife and were trying to hide it … some just wanted to play online … once she even had a day all set up and the guy backed out an hour before. And many were only after sex. And then she would see some of these same guys posting how hard it was to find an authentic babygirl.  But eventually, there was one. He was single, looking. Felt like he had a Daddy personality. Wanted a girl in diapers. Was willing to try her fantasy, which was a whole evening as a baby. She was not allowed to walk or talk, had to use a pacifier at all times unless she was being fed her bottle or baby food. She had bibs, dressed in a cute onesie, and had her favorite teddybear nearby. A bottle of bubblebath in the tub side, and some bath toys. As a final touch, she made sure a wooden hairbrush was conspicuously placed within easy reach of the couch on an end table … as she heard the doorbell, and dropped down on her knees obediently to make sure she was crawling when she answered the door.  Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex



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