Playing With Mommy and Her Baby Girl!

Have you talked with Baby Barbie yet? I always love playing with her, she is such a naughty little abdl girl! She certainly loves to have fun, that’s for sure. She is ready and excited for just about any kind of fun that you can think of, the dirtier the better. A bit on the freaky side, to be honest, but that’s not a problem for a lot of Daddies and Mommies and abdl boys that I know. That’s usually a plus, but I’m sure you know that. Baby Barbie really can’t decide what her favorite game is, but she really enjoys teaching other babies all the ways that they can make each other feel really, really, really good. I love to join in on those games especially, so much fun! Fun to watch, fun to join, just a lovely form of entertainment. I can’t say enough good things about it.

We got to play with a brand new abdl just awhile ago, a baby named Patrick, he was a cute little booboo. He has been wearing diapers for a little bit, maybe not even a month, but he was already sure that he absolutely loved them. He wanted some help using it the way babies do, wetting it till it was soaked and heavy, but he was stilling feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing. Problem with that was the fact that Barbie couldn’t keep her grasping hands to herself, and she took every opportunity to rub against his diaper. It didn’t take long at all for him to get so hard and excited that wetting himself became nearly impossible! I told Barbie that since she was the slutty little cause of this issue, she had to handle it herself. I’m sure you can imagine that she didn’t mind being told what to do about that!

She crawled towards him, licking her lips, and making his diaper bulge out just a teensy bit more. Once she was in between his thighs she bent forward and rubbed her cheek against that bulge like she was a slinky cat. The way Patrick moaned and jerked at that was so funny! When Barbie gets worked up herself, though, she doesn’t have the patience for a whole lot of teasing, so it wasn’t long before she was straddling his hips, rubbing her own wet diaper up against his, leaning back far enough for him to suck on her titties like she was the abdl mommy. Patrick looked very surprised when he finally came, and very happy about the whole thing. And when I gently laid my hand against his diaper, and encouraged him to wet his diaper, he didn’t have any issues at all. He was such a good baby! Good babies deserve to get rewarded; I firmly believe that, and Patrick certainly found that out for himself. I also believe that I could reward you for being good baby, me and Baby Barbie both if you are feeling adventurous. If you are, go ahead and call me for some age play phone sex and a lot of fun!

Aunt Brenda


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