Stepson Turned Sissy!

Is it wrong of me to what to change my stepson into a sissy baby? It would be just around the house, of course, though if I could send him to school like that I absolutely would! At the house would be enough, making sure that he changes into more appropriate clothing as soon as he closes the front door. His Father travels for work, so whenever he isn’t home, it will be short dresses and thick diapers for his boy. I’ll convince him that this is the best thing for him, have him thinking that this really is best for him, maybe even that it was his idea.  I would be tempted to throw a little humiliation in there, invite a few of my friends over to see him in all his sissified glory, but I think I’d rather keep it just between us. Would I have to work hard to get you in some sissy clothes and a diaper? Call me for some feminization phone sex!

Stepmommy Tawny


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