Strict Sissy Training With Stepmom Tawny

When it comes to my rules, I will quickly let you know that I have many. I am fair and loving, however, and I make sure that each and every little sissy that comes my way is met with compassion and an eagerness to provide. I have many other mommies who sent wanna be sissies to my doorstep pleading with me to take them under my wing and under my roof for as long as it takes to whip them into shape and mold them into the perfect sissy slut for their Mistress. That is why I make sure to let every Mistress and Mommy nearby know that I am available and all too willing to get your stubborn, overwhelmed, or naughty little sissies feeling and acting top notch with my strict sissy training program. I never offer up any sort of time frame or even an estimate. Every pupil who ends up staying here for around the clock training will get as much time and attention from me as it takes for them to thrive as the ideal sissy. Of course, I do not just throw a new student into the sissy lifestyle. I know that all things take adjustment. On the first night however, all of my new charges are expected to change into their proper sissy attire, hand picked by yours truly. Even if I get a sissy who has shown up at my front door in a frilly pink tutu and sequined top, I would still have them change into the outfit that I have chosen for them. This ensures that from the very moment that they step over the threshold and enter my home, they are very much aware of the fact that I am in charge, I make the decisions from the most important to the most mundane. Taking away any freedom of choice that they entered this new living arrangement with only further clarifies that if there were any doubt in their mind at this point. Once we are a few days into our training, I start to really spice things up. It should me kept in the front of their mind that if I am met with any disobedience or back talk, I will not hesitate for a moment before snatching those sissies up by their wrists and dragging them off with me for some well served punishment. One of my favorite things to do is make those prissy little sissies use a thick disposable diaper and make a hot poopy mess inside of it while standing right in front of me. They always make a scrunched up face and start to pout or cry from embarassment. It never takes long before I get a stuttering sobbing apology and they beg me to get them cleaned up and in a nice clean pretty outfit. Lessons must be taught to make a perfect little sissy slut!

Stepmom Tawny


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