Adult Baby or Diaper Lover?

Not that any of you sweet little ones actually have to choose between the two unless you want to, but I have been wondering whether more of you feel like you would call yourself an adult baby or a diaper lover. I can only imagine just how hard it would be to try and choose for someone who so deeply enjoyed so many different aspects of both labels of the age regression lifestyle. On the one hand, being a diaper lover means that you enjoy all things diapers! For some, this is just the simple feeling of opening up a brand new disposable or cloth diaper and knowing that you are going to get to settle into it and fill it up with your messes! You might want someone to help you get all cleaned up when you use you diapers, or you may enjoy that feeling of independence that comes when you successfully change your own diaper. Independent or not, there is no argument that it is so much easier to have someone else there to change those stinky dirty diapers. Both adult babies and diaper lovers enjoy the feeling of wipes and powder for the most part. After all, no one wants a diaper rash, even if they do not like being treated like they are a helpless little baby! Now on the other hand, adult babies are fully reliant on their abdl mommies to take care of their each and every need. I just love knowing how much my little adult babies depend on me to feed them, bathe them, love them, play with them, and everything else in between that they need to be properly taken care of. Most people who identify more with the adult baby side of things tend to just love the baby talk from their abdl mommy. Being tickled, snuggled, and cooed at while their mommy gives them their undivided attention is definitely a fantasy and favorite for most people in the abdl community. The adult babies always need their mommy to give them their diaper changes, being completely helpless little babies, unable to do something as tenuous as a diaper change on their own. I personally love the time that I get to spend changing diapers for my adult babies in particular. I love giving diaper changes in general to anyone who needs and desires them, but there is just something about going into full mommy mode and getting to give a nice loving diaper change to an adult baby with a full poopy diaper. Taking our time, we can go nice and slow, making sure that there is no mess left on those babies so that we can go ahead and powder up those cute little bottoms. A fresh diaper will feel so good! I can always tell by the look on their faces just how happy they are to have a mommy like me!

Mommy Candy


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